'Spread color. Spread joy. Thrill to the emergence of strange new creatures. And burn them all to ashes.
Intel LevelUp Best "Other" Game 2013 and IndieCade 2013 Finalist, Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a game about the joy of exploration - the joy of... aimless but mindful wandering. 
It's Ball of Woe
The tap-style physics-driven thinly-veiled-visual-metaphor for touch devices in beautiful, liver-crushing 3D. Pick the ball you wish to liberate, pick a power by which you will make your godly presence known, and get your sphere on!
The thoughts of a billion people have rolled into a colossal, invisible wave of static. You have been cursed with the ability to hear this static. Sedate the people broadcasting these dark thoughts with colorful flowers... while you work on a slightly more permanent silence solution. 
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The Life and Times of PepperJack
is a finite-running game in which you control 'Pepper Jack' - endlessly pursued by the passing of Time, undertaking the grand pursuit of collecting Life Experiences while avoiding pointless Distractions.

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